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The pandemic marked the transition of bringing the office-and the school-into the home. For many, it still continues. A huge part of people's productivity in any environment is their comfort level, and that means having a seating surface that's worthy of spending five days a week, 52 weeks a year in it!

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Double Duty Furniture

Double Duty

There are a lot of office chairs out there, but not everyone has the luxury of a dedicated room with a traditional desk and chair, especially with multiple people in one house remote learning or working! A simple solution is a chair from Best Home Furnishings that blends in to your existing furniture that can be used as a makeshift desk when needed.

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Who Needs a Desk?

A lot of people have ditched the desktop PC for laptops and tablets. So a desk may not even be necessary-especially if space is at a premium. What is required is a spot that's cozy enough for marathon sessions and also has built-in convenience. Many of the furniture from Best Home Furnishings has storage areas to stash books and paperwork and USB ports to charge your devices.

Who needs a desk.

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    Your Best Night's Sleep

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